The House of Ignite Hubs International welcomes you to our "Unveiling The Mystery Of The Names" online conference with Grant Mahoney 🙏

The event will be livestreamed on Friday 9th October 2020.

Here's is where you can register for access to each of the 3 livestream sessions.

Cost is £30.00 for individuals and £45.00 for married couples (excluding vat or applicable sales tax).

Please click the button at the bottom of the page to register...

Baruch Hashem 🙌

Your Instructor

Grant Mahoney
Grant Mahoney

Grant and his wife Samantha are passionate, mystical lovers of Yeshua. They travel the world teaching believers the mysteries of and the protocols for engaging YHVH's Kingdom. They are directors of Moed Ministries in Auckland, New Zealand. “Moed” is a Hebrew word which means “appointed or set time.”

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